Settlement Partners - Michael Davis 561-512-3289. Unprofessional Troll


Michael Davis trolls all his competitors who purchase structured settlement payments from people who have suffered physical injuries or lost someone due to someone else's negligence. Michael Davis' has slithered and burrowed even lower than other industry scuzballs.

He employs "Jennifer" , probably a pen name, to promote him on Rip Off report, pissed consumer and the usual suspects implying that all the competition are scams. Sooner or later trolls get exposed.

In the meantime consumers and annuitants should be wary of a businessman whose chief marketing strategy is bashing 123 lump sum, Seneca one, JG Wentworth and others on complaint sites by filing fake complaints. What a douche.

Reason of review: Unethical advertising.

I didn't like: Unprofessional marketing, Unprofessional advertising.


Davis, California, United States #972979

The "Jennifer" that appears in most of the trolls for Michael Davis has created negative reviews of competitors to "Michael Davis" with the same Verizon Wireless cell phone number, 561-512-3289, on various sites on 5/22/2014; 5/25/2014; 5/29/2014 and 7/21/2014 against several companies. The reviews when compiled and looked at together in a timeline clearly profile a "reviewer" who is associated or employed a settlement purchaser and competitor simply trashing another competitor for competitive gain. Total scuz bucket.

Jupiter, Florida, United States #968452

I think there is a distinction to be drawn between the michael Davis that works for Settlement Partners and the silly billy that is trashing all his competitors in the cash now business. The silly *** billy is based in Florida, the land where the blue plate special roams, while the other is based out West, where the buffalo roam. Either way the skies are not cloudy all day.

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